Weird Era



Nothing new (as of yet), but they’re still fucking amazing. A little reminder for everyone.


The impossible is happening: they’re getting better.


Michael A Grammar – All Night, Afloat

Vaguely euphoric, consistently excellent and about a thousand times better than anything else you’re likely to hear this year. Taken from their new EP Vitamin Easy, out June 4 on Melodic. Get one before they’re gone http://melodic.co.uk/michaelagrammar/

50 gold cassettes – sold out.


For those who missed Halls’ debut EP at the end of last year: rejoice. You’ve now got a chance to go back and listen to one of the most affecting and effective releases that 2011 had to offer, one of the few producers about with the talent and subtle nuances to produce something mildly downbeat and electronic without it being in overshadowed by either Fourtet or Burial. The new video for Fade to White is simply another excuse to get excited about it and the clip – frighteningly, given the content of the track itself – manages to live up to expectations, all bright eyed HD enthusiasm and intrigue.

Manchester will luckily be playing host to Halls for the first time this Friday (March 9th), as the evergreen Work Them teams up with Grey Lantern for another one of those unmissables. They’ve even put together a mix for the even, special like. Tuck in:

£4 adv. / Kraak Gallery. Don’t miss it.

Shinies – Shola

At the start of December, Shinies were unheard of outside their own living room. They recorded their track Spent Youth and seemed to almost accidentally capture a sound that captured the imagination of every blog around. A whirlwind month later, and they had their debut single recorded – by Rory Atwell, no less – and a 7″ slated for release by Dirty Bingo.  Shola/Pillow Talk comes out on April 16th, and you can hear the former now, seductively hinting at a love of The Cribs layered with smatterings of shoegaze.

Shinies – Shola